This is my photographic diary.

It is still in progress.

It is not that I want the objects I photograph,

although I do find a beauty in their design.

It was my job to create visual displays for a high end

Consignment shop in Massachusetts for 5 years.

What was of interest to me is the beauty in the positioning of fabrics, colors and textures?

How the weave in a coat is interlaced with a vibrant pink patent leather thread, or

how a synthetic materials such as pvc is used to make a pocketbook.

In choosing objects, I created life-size dioramas that were housed in this unique shop.

I would bring objects from my home to add intrigue to the displays.

A jar of buttons today, sitting on a shelf,

a large ceramic container with burnt orange hues,

Viridian vines and crimson red flowers.

Making a decision to pair vintage Prada Shoes and pocketbook with a Chanel jacket,

the possibilities were endless.

The shop was visited by Iris Apfel the iconic textile and apparel guru of the late 20th century. I did not meet her but it would have been a pleasure to see her in the store.

Thursday February 2 in Manchester. Happy Dress

I bought the Happy Dress September 7, 2017

it was on the10.00$ rack. The Happy Dresss is being cleaned very carefully at the Dry Cleaners. It cannot be dry cleaned because of the plastic yellow polka dots.

They will hand clean it with water.

Manchester MA
I bought the larger nantucket basket. Wendy bought the smaller bag. Her bag has a bamboo handle and two fish as clasps used to hold the basket closed.
Manchester MA
Mixed Media piece from RAW Arts in Lynn MA. A youth arts organization for inner city kids.
It is located to the far left.
Marblehead MA
Manchester MA
Marblehead MA
Collection of shoes and boots
Marblehead MA
Valentines Day display.

Marblehead MA
Marblehead MA
Marblehead MA
April 21, 2017
Remembering the Worlds Oldest Person in the Objects She Left Behind an article from the New York Times. The objects that echo a life? The beauty in the simplicity of a life well lived? What are the objects that you have in your home that help define who you are? Working at a small consignment boutique I see objects that have been recycled and given a second chance.
Hermes Paris Lace Shirt, is beautifully crafted.
March 5, 2017
I just read an article from the New York times today in the Art and Design section about an exhibit at the Metropolitain Museum of Art titled" Inside Sara Berman's Closet ". Sara Berman's daughter Maria Kalman saved the contents of her mother's closet, "When she died and Ms. Kalman and her sister, Kika Schoenfeld, an artist, hat maker and interior designer, were cleaning out her apartment, Ms. Kalman joked that their mother’s closet should be a museum and Ms. Schoenfeld its docent. “My sister said, ‘Are you out of your mind?’” Ms. Kalman recalled." I saved this article because it is a source in the search for my meaning in my work. They also used the word possession in the article as another word for the objects in Sara's closet.

I sold this little vintage LV bag to a women from Nahant. The bag was selling for 495.00. She wanted the bag for 450.00.

Salvatore Ferragamo "Pink Silk Princess Shoes"
that did not sell and will be going back to the consigner.

*I found these shoes again at the other shop for sale on March 3. They diid not go back to the consigners. They are still on exhibit.
Leather and silk pumps that are feminine and pretty. The pink bows are what caught my attention. Making the bow is the last step in tying your shoes. I like the sense of closure and a hint at infinity.
February 19,2017

I could not wait to get to work today to photograph the
"Trump Pumps" that I found in the 10 dollar basket.
They have been in the store for a couple of years.
I photographed this piece because of the material it was made with pvc and also finding out it cost $1,498.00 at a consignment shop. I thought of Immanuel Kant and the "Judgement of Beauty" the general realization that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Chole Pocketbook as an object on its own. Did not realize the cost until I took the display apart. It was priced to sell at $1,995.00

Austin-Bronte "Women in Literature" of course that made me like the bag at second glance. Madam Hadem in Marblehead closed the first of February 2018.

I sold this bag to a Librarian that works for the Marblehead Public Library. She would come to the store with her Mom and shop. I am happy she has this purse.