The Package
September 4, 2017
Skye Paine
September 4 at 10:01pm · Pittsford, NY ·
Went to my dad's storage shed today. My son found this box and it is kind of fascinating. It was wrapped and labeled by my grandmother.
The label reads:
July 1989
Navy blue
Chiffon Evening
gown with velvet
and gold decorations
Henrietta L. Moore
There is something about the austere wrapping in juxtaposition with the promise of such a luxurious dress inside that I find really funny and intriguing. What would this dress look like? Did she buy it when she was young in the 1930s? Did she buy it in the 80s?
It feels like an unintentionally poetic and evocative description.
Should I open it?
Or, should I leave it as is and have it remain some ideal of a dress?